Why is the Accelerator so Important?

Why is the Accelerator so Important?
We think helping our people grow is important

Our single greatest asset is our people. In National Societies all around the world we have talented individuals who are creative, entrepreneurial and who are trying innovative approaches in their work with communities. We think these people should be able to receive some of the best support available to help them with their ideas. We want to expose them to cutting edge training and techniques, to access elite coaches and mentors and to get encouragement and resources from the organization to help them grow and make a difference.

We should continually try new approaches

The world is rapidly changing and humanitarian and development contexts are becoming more complex and demanding, at the same time resources are becoming more difficult to secure. We must continue to adapt and try new approaches in order to help us more effectively and efficiently meet these challenges. The Red Cross and Red Crescent have throughout its history led the world on many innovations in humanitarian and development work, however continuing to innovate within a large organization can sometimes be challenging, we want to set up initiatives that make it easier for us to try new things and learn from them, so that we can continue to rise to meet the rapidly changing environment. We also want our Pioneers to act as advocates for innovation helping to build a culture of entrepreneurialism throughout the network.

We believe good ideas should travel

Across our vast network people are innovating on a daily basis to address challenges faced by communities, some of these efforts are great ideas that others would benefit from hearing about and being able to try in their own context. But great ideas don’t always surface on their own, they sometimes need a little support to help them spread. This initiative will help us to find new approaches and products that work and to help others learn about them and adapt them for their own purposes.

Building networks are key to advancing

Providing an opportunity for RCRC staff and volunteers to participate as a network is a great learning and support opportunity, it becomes a place where ideas and initiatives can germinate and thrive, where connections can be made across the world. The Accelerator however will not just link RCRC people with each other but also with external networks of experts working on similar issues, mentors and coaches will also help extend our networks to other experts around the world.

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