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Innovation and Futures

IFRC’s Global Innovation Team promotes and develops strategies and tactics aimed at transforming business as usual. Our team works to localize a range of innovation and futures approaches ensuring that organizations and programs remain agile while cultivating an anticipatory mindset to meet the needs of vulnerable communities.

What We Do

Futures and Foresight

The Solferino Academy is a think tank and ‘do’ tank – that undertakes horizon scanning, trends analysis and futures exploration to help the Movement understand the future of vulnerability and risk and to develop strategies to enable change.

Innovative Finance

The global innovative finance team aims to unlock private capital and help further leverage public funding to mobilize various new sources of investment for public policy, social services and development goals, while at the same time realigning interests of various partners and creating new investment opportunities.

Local Innovation

The hype of technology has quieted initiatives driven by local people in local contexts. Therefore, we help Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies to surface their own local innovations and to find others in their communities and how to better support them.

Culture and capacity

Our single greatest asset is our people. In National Societies all around the world, we have talented individuals who are creative, entrepreneurial and who are trying innovative approaches in their work. We work closely with staff and volunteers sharing methods to foster a culture of experimentation within the network. 

Inspiring Stories

From Waste to Work

Hurricane Irma knocked down the Caribbean in 2017. St. Maarten got the full blast damaging 91% of their buildings and leaving thousands of communities uninhabitable. In the first months, humanitarian response focused on emergency aid and securing food, water,...

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Our Story is their Story

In the past, traditional approaches to engaging communities in monitoring humanitarian programmes consisted of mainly asking for data from the communities. Today, a greater emphasis has been placed on engaging communities throughout the monitoring and/or evaluation...

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The Taste of Change

The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre strives to use creative and unusual learning tools for impact. In the last couple years, they have explored a “tasty” way to raise awareness on climate issues, especially regarding food security. The Taste of Change experience...

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Design for Change

An initiative by Spanish Red Cross The social innovation team at Spanish Red Cross partnered with Design for Change, an international movement that provides youth with tools to put their ideas into practice, starting in their own environments. A nationwide group of...

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A virtual visit to speculative artefacts from 2030.


Watch external experts in innovation and futures topics.


An online game played by 4000 youth volunteers.

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