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500 volunteers from 5 different National Societies played together to win the future, all through WhatsApp

The Importance of Futures and Foresight

Creating scenarios for better migration response in Europe

While 2016 saw a dramatic reduction in the number of migrants entering the EU via the western route from Turkey to Greece; the Central Mediterranean route to Italy became the most popular migration channel to Europe. Around 181,000 people arrived in Italy,...

What is the Solferino Academy?

The Solferino Academy is an initiative of the IFRC and its member National Societies that aims to help the Red Cross and Red Crescent network anticipate, understand, and adapt to trends and emerging issues. The Solferino Academy fosters engaged spaces and learning...

Why do we need the Solferino Academy?

The Red Cross and Red Crescent has a long history of innovation and continues to innovate in communities around the world. However, the pace and scope of change unfolding in the world is unprecedented and requires consistent agility and innovation. Anticipating future...

What can the solferino academy do for me?

Many National Societies already use Futures and Foresight approaches, particular forms of trend analysis and horizon scanning, or the use of data for anticipatory planning and action. By working with the Solferino Academy you can engage with the futures and foresight...

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