What makes a political advisor?

Power and politics. These are difficult topics and governments often consult with experts to understand them. A political advisor seeks to understand the various political landscapes and how changes in political systems and structures are transforming the world. Forward-looking political advisors are always asking two questions: What political changes are on the horizon? and What’s causing political changes?

See below for all the awesome videos, stories, infographics and papers from experts (including yourself) from around the world. Bring this information and your insights back to your teams to solve upcoming challenges. Enjoy and good luck!

Designer babies, climate floods, and AI running your life: what the world could look like in 2030


Gov lab futures


Future Geopolitics 2030


Is there an alternative to countries?


Future geopolitics


Politics in the 21st Century

Five ways technology will shape the future of politics, society and human rights


Low-income countries in 2030


Bill Gates on 2030


We have been looking back, looking around, and looking ahead at the cultural challenges and opportunities facing our world. You have just seen and heard some of the great content from our speakers. What have you learned? What insights are you bringing back to your team? Remember, these materials will help you develop your challenges. Good luck!

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