What makes a cultural expert?

Societies are complex and culture is dynamic. A cultural expert tries to make sense of things by understanding what makes societies stable and what makes them change. They are interested in the impacts of social change. A forward-looking cultural expert is always asking two questions: What social changes are on the horizon? and What’s causing social change?

See below for all the awesome videos, stories, infographics and papers from experts (including yourself) from around the world. Bring this information and your insights back to your teams to solve upcoming challenges. Enjoy and good luck!

Meet the families of 2030: the factors shaping future generations

Govern land as a global commons


Future travel 2030


Delhi Is Getting Its First Ever ‘Human Library’ Where You Can Borrow People & Know Their Stories

How the Internet has made social change easy to organise


Will meatless meat be the future of food?


The schoolgirl thrash metal band smashing stereotypes in Indonesia

Future timeline


What does the future of religion look like?


We have been looking back, looking around, and looking ahead at the cultural challenges and opportunities facing our world. You have just seen and heard some of the great content from our speakers. What have you learned? What insights are you bringing back to your team? Remember, these materials will help you develop your challenges. Good luck!

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