I am Adnan Khan, representing Pakistan Red Crescent within a network of highly motivated and passionate innovators selected from across the globe determined to implement new projects and design new approaches with the ambition of improving humanitarian and development outcomes. 

Our first meeting was held In Madrid, where we all attended a one-week innovation accelerator, learnt a wide-range of skills from leading innovation experts from partnered organisations such as Airbus Foundation, Michelin, Brighton University, Nesta UK, and IFRC. We then practiced these skills on an assignment (Something we had no prior experience of) ‘redesign a neighborhood in Madrid to promote sustainable tourism’, at the end of the week we had to pitch our ideas to Madrid Tourism representatives – the assignment was designed to give us a safe space to test and experiment with new skills and methodologies.

This innovation accelerator helped me to better understand innovation tools such as futures simulations, agile methodologies, user-centered design process, pitching techniques, prototyping structure, managing innovation and promoting an entrepreneurial culture. 

These lessons facilitated me to imagine the design of a project I’m about to test along with my community, an early warning system which involves the dissemination of prevention messages through different meansexpanding across borders, available everywhere for everyone. It would disseminate disaster early warning during and after a hazard strikes, and easy steps to follow, targeting different audiences in only one platform. I’m sure that my idea can lead to proper responses in disaster prone areas of Pakistan that will help safeguard lives and livelihoods.

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Adnan Khan

Pakistan Red Crescent Volunteer, IFRC Global Innovation Pioneer

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