The Nepal Red Cross Society in partnership with USAID and other agencies, has designed a creative, highly engaging education campaign on earthquake preparation. Nepal and British Red Cross were collaborating with other organizations in Nepal to raise awareness on earthquake preparation and rescue processes, but wanted to increase the impact and reach of their advocacy. They partnered with Incessant Rain Animation Studios, the first animation studio in Kathmandu, Nepal founded in 2008.  Following the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Kiran Joshi one of the founders, was keen to expand on the studio’s services to include advocacy and disaster management messaging for the people of Nepal. The partnership between Red Cross and the Incessant Rain Animation Studios has now resulted in a very cool series of animated public service announcements, adapted to Nepalese culture by using well-known symbols.

There was a lot of preparation done in terms of educating people at a higher level, but due to circumstances in Nepal, which is very poor, it hasn’t reached everybody.

Kiran Bhakta Joshi

Founder, Incessant Rain Animation Studios

The protagonist of the animations is Panda Ji (an emblematic animal from the region)– a Disaster Risk Reduction Mascot. Panda Ji’s animations teach Nepalese how to prepare for an earthquake along with what to do during, and after a disaster. Initially in animated short films, this project is also now available in printed and digital materials for a range of organizations in Nepal to further disaster risk reduction messaging. This initiative has become so popular it has been extended to UKAID-funded information kiosk events, Oxfam branded materials commissioned by the Red Cross, and USAID Panda Ji films on TV.

Here are some cool examples of Panda Ji’s adventures:

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