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More than 3000 youth Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers across 120 countries express their hopes and fears about the future in an online game.

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OpenStreetMap: Responding to the Gorkha Earthquake

Living, Breathing Maps q&a with Dale Kunce Tell us about OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap is a free and accessible map of the world. Think about it as “Wikipedia for maps.” You can edit, I can edit it and it basically reflects the world around us. It's awesome because...

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Maps, Kids and Humanitarian Outreach

[ed. note: Data @ IFRC is a blog series to share highlights from the Red Cross Red Crescent Secretariat and National Societies. We will include learning opportunities and thought pieces on all things data from ethics to evidence.]  Maps have always been storytelling...

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Data: A vital tool for disaster response

In the hours and days after any disaster, humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross seek answers to a few key questions: Where were people during the disaster? How many people are affected? What are their primary needs? Red Cross and Red Crescent teams on the...

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Futures and Foresight

Our Futures and Foresight experts are working hard to develop highly efficient data prediction and analysis. Check out what’s their next project.

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