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It also promotes the implementation of the International Federation Youth Policy and seeks youth opinions worldwide to ensure that these latter are considered at the governance level of our Movement. If you would like to find out more about the governance of the IFRC and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, visit this section.

The commission is made up of young volunteers and staff of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. There is a chairperson and eight members, all under 31 years old at their appointment, which is for a four year term. Elections are made at alternating IFRC General Assemblies. The current Youth Commission was elected at the General Assembly in 2019. Members of the commission are:

  • Chair: Bas van Rossum, Chairman, Netherlands
  • Africa:
    Mr Aimé Gilbert Mbonda Noula, Cameroon Red Cross Society
    Mr Jonas Peter Maheto, Tanzania Red Cross National Society
  • Americas: 
    Ms Silvia Patricia Gélvez Delgado, Colombian Red Cross
    Ms Francisca Milena Chacón Retana, Costa Rican Red Cross
  • Asia-Pacific
    Ms Shi Jie Chew, Malaysian Red Crescent Society
    Ms Miriana Bader, Lebanese Red Cross
  • Europe
    Ms Maryna, Kozhedub, Ukrainian Red Cross Society
    Ms Vera Carlbaum Wrennmark, Swedish Red Cross


In 2007, the IFRC Constitution was revised and approved by our General Assembly in Switzerland. In the revised constitution, the youth commission became a constitutional body, meaning that its composition and functions can only be changed by changing our constitution. The functions of the IFRC Youth Commission are defined in Article 30 and are:

  • to give advice on all matters concerning youth and youth-related activities throughout the International Federation;
  • to promote and assess the implementation of the youth policy decided by the General Assembly or the Governing Board, as well as to consider and study as requested by the Board matters of policy development in the area of youth;
  • to review and suggest revisions of the youth policy to the Governing Board or the General Assembly (as the case may be) for adoption;
  • to seek youth opinions on the implementation of relevant International Federation policies and to ensure that those opinions are communicated to the Statutory Bodies of the Movement;
  • to advise the Secretary General in the implementation of the youth policy and all other policies and strategies as they relate to youth within the Movement; and
  • to report to the General Assembly and Governing Board on its general activities on a regular basis.
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