We are proud to share some of the works undertaken by our National Societies which are contributing to World Water Day 2019!

This World Toilet Day, we’re calling for joined forces at the global, national, and local level. Our message is that health for all is impossible without sanitation for all,  a universal health revo-LOO-tion is needed! Please have a look at the campaign page: https://www.defeatdd.org/worldtoiletday

From Rwanda Red Cross:

This world toilet day will make us rethink about the global handwashing activities that Rwanda Red Cross has been conducting across the country. These activities are part of the community resilience and model village approaches that were jointly implemented in partnership with Austrian and Belgian Red Cross to increase awareness in the community for sanitation and handwashing through awareness-raising and practice of hand washing  through community meetings, mobile cinema, hygiene clubs,… In the images, kindly find DUSABINEMA Cansilde, a lady we visited in Murunda Sector of Rutsiro district in the Western province of Rwanda. She has installed a hand washing point at her home with locally available materials. Those kinds of hand washing points are commonly installed near the toilets.”

From Uganda Red Cross:

Uganda Red Cross has, in partnership with Austrian Red Cross, recently finished the construction of 5-stance VIP latrines at market, reception center and in 2 schools. Below, the latrines in Yacha Primary School, West Nile, Uganda.

Some other pictures of the activities carried out in Imvepi refugee settlement by Uganda Red Cross, where about 53,000 people are hosted.