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Although we are living in a climate crisis, we don’t have to accept climate disasters as inevitable. The World Disasters Report argues that societies, humanitarians, donors and others can make a difference now, by becoming more “climate smart”.

This means that we need to get our priorities right, use forecast science more intelligently to respond faster and more effectively integrate and localise our approaches. We need to scale up risk reduction and preparedness now, prioritizing the most climate-vulnerable people and ensuring no one is left behind.

We can, and must, do this together – breaking the funding and institutional siloes that make it hard to move quickly.

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Front matter
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Hazards everywhere
Chapter 3: Climate as a risk multiplier
Chapter 4: Reducing risks and building resilience
Chapter 5: Going green
Chapter 6: Climate-smart disaster risk governance
Chapter 7: Smart financing
Chapter 8: Looking to the future

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