The Syrian Arab Red Crescent is helping conflict-affected people to rebuild their lives and their livelihoods by encouraging them to grow their own food – and sell the surplus crops.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent was admitted to the IFRC in 1948. In 2015, it counted 7,556 active volunteers (up from 1,500 in 2011).

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Thousands of people stranded in Syria’s eastern city of Deir Alzour, received crucial food and medicine aid of Friday as Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) was able to access the city by land for the first time in three years.

11 September 2017

Dr Attasi has worked with Syrian Arab Red Crescent as a paediatrician for two years at the Homs Ghouta health clinic. She sees around 35 patients a day.

24 May 2017

Dr Talib has worked for Syrian Arab Red Crescent at the Jaramana clinic in obstetrics and gynecology for a year

23 May 2017

Before the crisis, looms could be seen in souks and artisan workshops, where visitors could watch traditional and new designs weaved by hand with painstaking intricacy. The Red Crescent is helping to rebuild this tradition

22 May 2017

Jameela, 35 and Arwa, 33 have been best friends from childhood. They do everything together. When one decided to move from Salamiyah to Homs for work, the other followed.

19 May 2017

Ruba is one of four volunteers working at the reception of the SARC clinic in Rural Jaramana. She has been a Red Crescent volunteer for 10 years.

18 May 2017
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  • President: Eng. Khaled HBOUBATI
  • Vice-President: Dr. Mohamed Walid SANKARI
  • Treasurer: Dr. Issam SHALHOUB
  • Member: Dr. Ahmad AL-MASALMEH
  • Member: Dr. Fadio AYASH
  • Member: Mr. Mohammad AL-MASHHOUR
  • General Director: Mr Oussama BITAR

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