Jordan National Red Crescent Society was admitted to the IFRC in 1950. In 2015, it counted 1,300 active volunteers (up from 330 in 2012), of which 46% were male and 54% female.

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A decade ago it seemed like a dream could come true for Nafe Ahmad Khalifah from Syria. For two years he had worked long days making pastry in Thailand, hoping to one day have his own little bakery and house. In 2009, he finally returned home with enou …

20 December 2019
Using new skills to start businesses in Jordan with help from the Red Crescent.

The Jordan National Red Crescent Society has launched a programme to allow refugees and women from host communities to improve their skills and start a new businesses.

10 August 2017

Like many Syrian refugees, Nazim, a father of four children, came to Jordan in 2013 looking for a safe place for his family

3 February 2017

Jordan National Red Crescent Society volunteers run homework clubs in Jordan to help Jordanian and Syrian children with their homework. Besides studying, the homework club also offers the students the opportunity to socialize, play and to get to know one another better.

19 December 2016

During of a day full of fun and joy, Jordan National Red Crescent Society, in cooperation with the Danish Red Cross, held a family day for Jordanian, Syrian and Iraq families who came together to enjoy the nice weather in Green Field park in Amman.

24 November 2016

For more than five years, Jordan has been home to at least 600,000 Syrian refugees spread across difference governorates, with the majority living with host communities in Amman.

29 September 2016
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Tel: (962) (6) 477 3141
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  • President: H.E. Dr Mohammed AL-HADID
  • Vice-President: Eng. Omar ABU-GOURA
  • General Treasurer / Director of the Vocational Training Centre & Gender Focal Point: Mrs Laila TOUQAN
  • Board Member: Dr. Nayef AL-FAYEZ
  • Board Member: Mr Issa AYOUB
  • Board Member: Mr Salim KHAIR
  • Board Member: Mr Abdelrahim BOUCAI
  • Board Member: Prof. Sami KHASAWNIH
  • Board Member: Mr Mohammed AL-JAMEL
  • Board Member: Dr Mohammed AL-KHATIB
  • Director: Mr Nidal JABRI
  • Director of Public Relations: Mr Mohammed AL TARIFI
  • Head of Disaster Management Unit: Mr Rad AL-HADID
  • Head of Youth Section and Volunteer Development: Mrs Rania SUIFAN

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