30 refugees and asylum seekers participate in a programme that enables them to share knowledge and experience about life in Italy with new arrivals. During the sessions, they study the legal statuses of migrants and refugees, their rights and responsibilities and ways to access services in different regions of Italy.

The IFRC’s European Regional Office works in support of 53 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Through its Country Cluster Support Teams and Country Offices, it provides coordination, financial  and technical support for disaster operations and longer term development programmes throughout the region.

Latest news from Europe

Migrant and refugee children in Turkey rarely have time to play. Boys and girls as young as eight have to work in the field to support their families.

24 October 2018

School dropout is a serious issue in Romania where 18 per cent of students are leaving each year without finishing their studies. Most of them come from marginalized families that cannot afford to buy books and pencils, let alone provide breakfast for the kids.

4 September 2018

Four weeks on from Greece’s devastating wildfires which claimed 96 lives, survivors are continuing to recover. Red Cross volunteers were part of the search and rescue effort as soon as the blazes broke out in Attica, injuries dozens and damaging hundre …

23 August 2018

Four people have been found alive by Italian Red Cross rescuers in Genoa after a busy motorway bridge collapsed. Vehicles plunged 90 metres from the A10 highway bridge on 15 August when a section of the structure crumbled as traffic queued to cross. At …

16 August 2018

Red Cross volunteers are working across Europe to help keep the public safe as temperatures threaten to top 48C in some countries. Spain and Portugal could face their hottest day in history and record Europe’s highest temperature since 1977 according t …

3 August 2018
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Growing vulnerabilities report

The recently published “Growing Vulnerabilities: increased action” is a follow up  to the “Europe in Crisis – Think Differently” report, providing updates on the humanitarian needs and the Red Cross and Red Crescent response in the region. The report was produced in cooperation with the Centre for Policy Studies at the Central European University in Budapest and it presents evidence of the Red Cross and Red Crescent actions and patterns in cooperation with stakeholders in the areas of migration, volunteering and social action.