The Red Cross Red Crescent European Youth Network (EYN) facilitates sharing of good practices, exchange of experiences and advocates on behalf of its members since 1975. We empower young people through strengthening cooperation within and outside of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

With 54 member countries in Europe and Central Asia, we connect more than 800,000 volunteers. The network relies on the active participation of a diverse group of Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers and is open for everyone who’s interested in international humanitarian work.

The network’s steering group is the European Youth Coordination Committee (EYCC) that consists of seven representatives directly elected by the members of the EYN for a two-year period. The EYCC is responsible for managing youth-led initiatives across Europe through several Working Groups, focusing on topics like Migration, Mental Health and Humanitarian Education.

We work closely with the IFRC Youth Commission and operate as a coordinator and contact point for the Europe region. However, we are not part of the Constitutional Framework of the IFRC and therefore not eligible for funding through the core budget. Our work relies on the willingness of National Societies to support our activities.

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EYCC elected members for 2018 – 2020 (from left to right):

  • Andreea Dumitroae, Vice-Chair, Romanian Red Cross
  • Jasmin Nikšić, Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Francesca Ligi, Italian Red Cross
  • Felix Willuweit, Chair, British Red Cross
  • Mariya Hristova, Bulgarian Red Cross
  • Troels Boldt Rømer, Danish Red Cross
  • Maryna Kozhedub, Ukraininan Red Cross


EYCC Work Plan: English

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Bishkek Declaration: English French Spanish Russian

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