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By Ece Ceren Dogar, IFRC “The world is beautiful!” says Muhsine to Abdullah, her friend from Syria whom she calls her little brother. The two are deep in concentration, covering their paper with green and blue paint. Later, they have more fun painting …

29 July 2019

For 25-year-old Arezou the last seven years have passed painfully slowly. Separated from her young son while trying to make it from Turkey to Greece, she has spent this whole time not knowing how he was.

15 February 2019

By Helena Loh, IFRC “E.T. phone home?” “E.T. phone home.” “And they’ll come?” “Come? Home. Home.”  Hearing these words while watching the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1994, six-year-old Yasmina Peker cried so hard that her mother had to tell her …

11 January 2019

Young girls who have fled conflict and instability in rural Syria in search of a more peaceful and dignified life in Turkey can sometimes find themselves still at risk from a harmful traditional practice their families have brought from their homeland.

18 December 2018

Migrant and refugee children in Turkey rarely have time to play. Boys and girls as young as eight have to work in the field to support their families.

24 October 2018

Separated from their husbands, parents and children, four women escaped the war in Syria in hope of finding a safe place to live. Their paths crossed at the Turkish Red Crescent’s community centre in Kilis where learning the local language is bringing them together.

17 January 2018

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