Romanian Red Cross assists the most vulnerable people in times of disasters and crises. Through its programmes and activities for the benefit of the society, it contributes to the prevention and alleviation of human suffering wherever it may be found, to protect life and health and to ensure human dignity without any discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, sex, religion, age, social status or political opinion.

Through humanitarian action, the Romanian Red Cross continuously adapts to the dynamic changes of the society in order to build resilient communities able to face crisis situations.

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The Fund The Empress Shôken Fund is named after Her Majesty the Empress of Japan, who proposed – at the 9th International Conference of the Red Cross – the creation of an international fund to promote relief work in peacetime. It is administered by the …

11 April 2018

Survivors of domestic violence are being offered support to share experiences, rebuild confidence and access their rights by the Daphne initiative.

15 February 2017

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