Making up the world’s largest humanitarian network, Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have been at the forefront of supporting people affected by recent increases in migration into the EU.

We provide immediate, life-saving assistance to vulnerable people on their journeys and upon their arrival. But we go further than that – supporting the orientation and integration of refugees as they establish their new lives on a longer term basis. We are working with governments, local stakeholders, European communities and the EU to ensure fair, effective policies to enable holistic and comprehensive support of people seeking refuge.

Since 2018, EU emergency relocation and resettlement schemes have helped around 15,000 vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers to reach safety and start new lives in Germany, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Red Cross societies have supported the integration of these new arrivals through the Action of Red Cross on Integration on Relocation and Resettlement – ARCI – project.

Providing access to information and training, as well as employment and education support, ARCI links refugee families to local people – building friendships, understanding, and stronger, better-connected communities.

Operating in the UKIrelandLatvia and Italy, the Amplifying the Voices of Asylum seekers and refugees for Integration and Life skills – or AVAIL – project has been exploring new ways to support integration through the participation of refugees, asylum seekers and host communities.

The AVAIL project also tests whether using participatory approaches leads to people feeling more positive and more included into their new communities. Working together, refugees, asylum seekers and the Red Cross create, design and implement activities and services. This helps people feel more engaged while making the services more relevant for others who use them.

Both projects are co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union.


Refugees support new arrivals with British Red Cross Life Skills course

Life Skills courses are designed and delivered by peer educators who have themselves experienced the asylum process, as well as the ups-and-downs of adjusting to life in a new country.

British Red Cross amplifies refugee voices

The VOICES Network is a nationwide association of people with refugee backgrounds providing a platform on which to share the challenges they face and raise those issues to decision-makers.

British Red Cross encourages language learning with refugee teachers

Getting people talking, that’s the aim of a new partnership which has seen the British Red Cross team-up with a refugee-led language learning start-up Chatterbox.

Refugees in Italy learn to support their peers in social integration

30 refugees and asylum seekers participate in a programme that enables them to share knowledge and experience about life in Italy with new arrivals.

Latvian Red Cross raises awareness on migration issues with regional training

Latvian Red Cross, in cooperation with UNHCR, has organized 5 regional trainings with the title “Work for the integration of refugees and immigrants: intercultural interaction, good practice and experience.”

Refugee footballers score integration goals with Italian Red Cross

Capitalising on the global popularity of football, the Italian Red Cross is using the sport as a vehicle to support the integration of asylum seekers and refugees.

Red Cross integration programme helps relocated refugees to settle in their host countries

Three European Red Cross societies have launched a joint initiative that focuses on the social integration of refugees and asylum-seekers.

Irish and Latvian Red Cross “buddies” are supporting the integration of refugees

The buddies are volunteers drawn from the local community able to provide practical and emotional support, as well as opening doors to local networks, to help people ease their way into the new culture.

Italian Red Cross refugee radio show takes to the web-waves

Taking their project aim of “amplifying the voices of asylum seekers and refugees” as literally as they could, the Italian Red Cross is doing exactly that with a new web radio show.