Hellenic Red Cross was admitted to the IFRC in 1919. In 2015, it counted 12,122 active volunteers (up from 11,120 in 2010).

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Somaya dreams of becoming a medical doctor and bringing relief to those who are suffering. Somaya and her family had to flee war-torn Afghanistan and sought refuge in Iran. She and her family have had a difficult life, but Somaya continues to chase her dreams of making a meaningful contribution to society.

27 May 2020

Four weeks on from Greece’s devastating wildfires which claimed 96 lives, survivors are continuing to recover. Red Cross volunteers were part of the search and rescue effort as soon as the blazes broke out in Attica, injuries dozens and damaging hundre …

23 August 2018

Hellenic Red Cross volunteers carry out search and rescue work in the devastated village of Mati, some 30km east of Athens.Photo: Nick Paleologos/SOOC  As wildfires continue to threaten Greece’s Attica region, Red Cross volunteers are supporting t …

25 July 2018

At least 20 people have been killed and hundreds of homes damaged after flash flooding swept parts of Greece.

20 November 2017

“We all live with so much uncertainty here. It’s so important that organizations like the Red Cross are providing clear and accurate information, that they listen to what the community needs and does something with that information.” Saleh, Volunteer w …

2 November 2017

Red Cross and Red Crescent teams are providing emergency support throughout the night on the island of Kos and the Turkish coastal city of Bodrum after a powerful earthquake leaves two people dead and hundreds injured.

21 July 2017
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