Belarus Red Cross was admitted to the IFRC in 1995. In 2015, it counted 22,656 active volunteers (up from 9,559 in 2009).

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Viktor Pyntikov, 55, has driven every inch of Mogilev: 600,000 kilometres over 18 years. As driver of the Belarus mobile medical vehicle, his team visits more than 20,000 people every year – in remote villages, farms, fields, companies and schools. The people he remembers most are the ones that are no longer there.

20 April 2016

Surrounded by racks of clothing and holding her friend’s hand, Svetlana Moskvina, 45, is crying. “I’m crying tears of joy,” she said, sitting in the middle of the stock room where she inventories clothes sold in Central Department Store in Mogilev City, Belarus. “I’m so happy to be alive.”

20 April 2016

For some people, being screened by the doctors from the Belarus Red Cross mobile medical team is the first medical intervention they have had in years. Only 100 people live here now in Bruski, a small village in Mogilev, one of the regions closest to the site of the Chernobyl disaster which occurred 30 years ago.

16 April 2016
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Karla Marksa lane, Rudzensk, Belarus
Tel: (375) (17) 327 14 17
(375) 17 327 26 20 (International Cooperation)
  • Chairman: Mr Dmitry PINEVICH
  • Secretary General: Ms Olga MYCHKO
  • First Deputy Secretary General: Mr Viktor KOLBANOV
  • Deputy Secretary General: Mrs Inna LEMESHEVSKAYA
  • Head DM and Tracing: Mr Dmitry RUSAKOV
  • Head of Medical and Social Work: Ms Svetlana ANATSKO
  • Head of International Cooperation Department: Ms Valentina FEDORTSOVA
  • Chief Accountant: Ms Tatyana MOTOLYANETS
  • Head of Organizational Development and Fundraising: Ms Olga AREFEVA
  • Deputy Head of Organizational Development and Fundraising: Ms Natalia SMIRNOVA
  • Head of Maintenance and Supply: Mr Konstantin ANDRONCHIK
  • HR Officer: Ms Nina SHEMETOVETS
  • Volunteer Management Officer: Mrs Yulia VIDUNOVA
  • Legal Adviser: Mr Vadim CHERNYAVSKI
  • Communications officer: Mr Evgeni KORNEEVETS

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