The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is the world’s largest humanitarian network – and with that comes great responsibility.

We face problems and challenges at the regional and global level – adverse effects of climate change,  growing vulnerabilities of migrants and refugees, poverty and social exclusion. If we truly want to address them, it’s not enough to think and work within our countries’ borders. Only together can we make a real difference in our region and beyond.

The Almaty Commitments is a declaration of our shared goals and objectives in Europe and Central Asia.

This document was agreed upon by the leaders of National Societies in the region and focuses on Migration, Coordination and Sustainability to tackle humanitarian challenges deriving from climate change, poverty and xenophobia. It encourages us to scale up our individual and collective impact to build resilience, provide humanitarian assistance and contribute to social services for vulnerable people.

Implementation Support Group
The ISG was formed to assist the promotion of the Almaty Commitments and monitor the activities that stem from it.

Members of the ISG:

Ms. Jelena Darmanovic-Dubak, Secretary General of the Red Cross of Montenegro, Chair of ISG
Ms. Mariya Hristova, Chair of EYCC, Bulgarian Red Cross, Vice-Chair of ISG
Ms. Kristín S. Hjálmtýsdóttir, Secretary General of the Icelandic Red Cross
Ms. Gintarė Guzevičiūtė, Secretary General of the Lithuanian Red Cross
Mr. Azamat Baialinov, President of the Red Crescent of Kyrgyzstan
Mr. Alper Küçük, Deputy Director General of the Turkish Red Crescent


Europe Youth poster print-ready version: English French Spanish Russian

Almaty Commitments poster online version: English French Spanish Russian

Europe Youth poster online version: English French Spanish Russian

Bishkek Declaration: English French Spanish Russian

Almaty Commitments poster print-ready version: English French Spanish Russian

Almaty Commitments: English French Spanish Russian