The IFRC’s European Regional Office works in support of 53 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Through its Country Cluster Support Teams and Country Offices, it provides coordination, financial  and technical support for disaster operations and longer term development programmes throughout the region.

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By Gurvinder Singh & Debbie Busler While performers recite famous lines from William Shakespeare on the Globe theatre’s main stage, a few yards away is a room where Abye and other young migrants and refugees from Africa, the Middle East and Asia ar …

9 July 2019

The smiling face of 17-year-old Mxabn from Iraq masks the hardships of the last year and a half.  She is hundreds of kilometres from home, has lived in a migrant centre for eight months, and still hasn’t reached her hoped-for final destination – Germany.

5 July 2019

By Nora Peter, IFRC Over 10,000 volunteers from 140 Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies gathered this year in Solferino, the small Italian town where Henry Dunant had founded the world’s largest volunteer-based movement. From 17 – 23 June, a …

3 July 2019

The IFRC conducted its first Coordination, Assessment and Planning (CAP) for Red Cross Red Crescent Operations training in Sofia, Bulgaria. The purpose of this training was to prepare Red Cross and Red Crescent people for international deployment and equip them with skills to manage disasters and crises effectively in a team.

18 June 2019
Bangladesh, Noakhali,04 May 2019. Bangladesh Red Crescent volunteers quickly on the ground to assist affected people after Cyclone Fani moved through Bangladesh. Cyclone Fani made landfall in Odisha state in India on 3 May 2019 and Moved through Bangladesh on 4 May 2019 damaging houses and croplands

When a National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society receives a forecast of an imminent extreme weather event, one of their most urgent tasks is to decide what action to take in anticipation of a possible disaster. In the case of the Bangladesh Red Cresce …

5 June 2019
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CEA Assessment Report – Community Based Migration Programme in Turkey

This assessment report on community engagement and accountability (CEA) provides an analysis of refugees and host communities under the Turkish Red Crescent Community Based Migration Programme. It provides an insight into the information needs, access to and preference in using communication channels, community structure, social cohesion and behaviour, as well as the preferred mechanism to raise concerns or share feedback.

The report also gives an overview of the capacities of staff and volunteers at the Community Centres who provide information on registration and services, protection-related prevention activities, psychosocial support, vocational training and livelihood programmes, language courses and health and hygiene promotion.