The IFRC’s European Regional Office works in support of 53 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Through its Country Cluster Support Teams and Country Offices, it provides coordination, financial  and technical support for disaster operations and longer term development programmes throughout the region.

Latest news from Europe

By Ainhoa Larrea, IFRC Violence and poverty drive millions of people from their homes every year. Thousands end up in the Balkans after long and dangerous journeys over land and across the Mediterranean. “Many flee conflict ravaging their countries of …

5 July 2021

Miguel Vela has been a Spanish Red Cross volunteer since 2009, witnessing horror and desperation on a regular basis. A trained nurse, he is currently part of the Immediate Response Team in Humanitarian Assistance to Migrants (ERIE) in the Canary Islands – something he combines with his job in a hospital and the 112 emergency service.

2 July 2021

By Ainhoa Larrea, IFRC Arlen Matkasimov, a volunteer of the mobile brigade of the Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent, has been confronted with multiple life and death situations over the last months. “Once, following an emergency call, I saw a patient with oxygen …

29 June 2021

Rebeka Szilágyi was working as a midwife in a hospital in Budapest when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and she decided to join the Hungarian Red Cross’ H-HERO Health Emergency Response Unit. Her story illustrates the struggles and rewards of frontline volunteers.

29 June 2021

Two women from Syria and Congo are living together with their children in a small apartment in Skopje. Their husbands are working abroad, and the women are both volunteering for the Red Cross while waiting for their families to be reunited.  

10 June 2021
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Tel: +36 1 888 4500
Fax:+36 1 336 1516

Regional Director: Birgitte Bischoff Ebbesen

Deputy Regional Director: Elkhan Rahimov

Heads of Country Cluster Delegations:

Central and South Eastern Europe:

  • Southern Caucasus: Olga Dzhumaeva
  • Russian Federation, Belarus and Moldova:
  • Central Asia: Bayarmaa Luntan

Heads of Country Delegations:

  • Turkey: Ruben Cano
  • Ukraine: George Gigiberia
  • Greece: Léon Prop
  • EU Red Cross Office:: Mette Peterson

Europe in focus

Refugee integration projects

Learn more about how Red Cross and Red Crescent societies in Europe support the orientation and integration of refugees as they establish their new lives on a longer term basis.

Youth in Europe

The Red Cross Red Crescent European Youth Network (EYN) facilitates sharing of good practices, exchange of experiences and advocates on behalf of its members since 1975.

CEA Assessment Report – Community Based Migration Programme in Turkey

This assessment report on community engagement and accountability (CEA) provides an analysis of refugees and host communities under the Turkish Red Crescent Community Based Migration Programme. It provides an insight into the information needs, access to and preference in using communication channels, community structure, social cohesion and behaviour, as well as the preferred mechanism to raise concerns or share feedback.

The report also gives an overview of the capacities of staff and volunteers at the Community Centres who provide information on registration and services, protection-related prevention activities, psychosocial support, vocational training and livelihood programmes, language courses and health and hygiene promotion.