Myanmar Red Cross Society was admitted to the IFRC in 1946 . In 2015, it counted 44,000 active volunteers (up from 7,240 in 2009), of which 33% were male and 67% female.

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The Asia Pacific region is currently facing a series of disasters. In Southeast Asia, a dam collapse in Lao PDR led to severe flooding, which extending to neighbouring Cambodia.

30 July 2018

For people living in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, these are uncertain, challenging times. Many families have faced cyclical violence, population movement or flooding over the past three years. To help them through the worst of these situations, villagers a …

19 February 2018

By Francis Markus, IFRC The radiologist opens the bamboo gate to the X-ray tent and four year old Nur Kolima heads gingerly in to lie down on the bed for his image to be taken. His mother, Fatima, is taking no chances with his cough symptoms. “I had th …

21 December 2017

Following a recent outbreak of deadly H1N1 influenza in Myanmar, the Myanmar Red Cross Society is joining efforts to tackle the virus by sending trained volunteers to support the ambulance service in Yangon region.

5 September 2017

On this day, over a thousand returning migrants arrive –most voluntarily, some involuntarily—all in a state of panic over new fines and penalties for undocumented workers announced by Thai authorities in late June.

28 July 2017

From Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine: Communication, community engagement and preparedness are key as more National Societies use cash in emergency response.

22 December 2016

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