Dominican Red Cross was admitted to the IFRC in 1931.In 2015, it counted 70,140 active volunteers (up from 6,021 in 2011).

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In Latin America and the Caribbean, many people suffered serious consequences from contracting the Zika virus.

29 May 2018

Following one of the most devastating hurricane seasons in recent history, a four-year initiative launched to help Caribbean islands prioritize and invest in natural ecosystems.

17 April 2018

More than 10 countries and territories were directly affected as hurricanes Irma and María ravaged the Caribbean and later the coastal states in the U.S.

22 September 2017

Red Cross volunteers and staff are once again on high alert across the Caribbean as Maria cuts a path of destruction.

21 September 2017

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful storms to hit the Americas, has caused devastation across the Caribbean. Red Cross societies are on the ground supporting the local response.

8 September 2017
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Juan Enrique Dunant 51, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Tel: (001809) 334-4545
Fax: (001809) 238-5252
  • President of National Society: Dra. Ligia LEROUX DE RAMÍREZ
  • Director General: Arq. Gustavo LARA
  • Asistente de Presidencia: Sra. Jessica PICHARDO
  • 2 Vicepresidente: Sr Cristian MARTINEZ
  • Director de los Programas de Socorros y Emergencias: Sr Sergio VARGAS
  • Director Nacional del Programa de Bancos de Sangres: Dr. Cesar MATOS
  • Gerente de RRHH: Ms Nancy MEJIA
  • Comisionada de Voluntariado: Ms Esther BAUTISA
  • Directora Nacional del Programa de Juventud: Dra. Gina LEROUX CANTISANO
  • Directora Nacional del Programa de Difusión DIH/RCF: Lic. Mavel VEGAZO
  • Gerente de Salud: Sr. Dalvert POLANCO
  • Gerente Financiero: Lic. Julio RAMIREZ
  • Representante de Juventud ante el Consejo Nacional: Sr Rafael Hilario CORONADO
  • Representante del Ministerio de Estado de Educacion: Mtra. Milagros YOST
  • Representante del Ministerio de Estado de las Fuerzas Armadas: Gral. Dr. Dalvert POLANCO
  • Representante del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores: Emb. Miguel PICHARDO
  • Tesorero Consejo Nacional: Sr Enerio RIVAS
  • Vocal Consejo Nacional: Lic Andrés TERRERO
  • Vocal Consejo Nacional: Dra Brigita SABINO
  • Vocal Consejo Nacional: Ing Tomas LEYBA
  • Representante del Ministerio de Estado de Salud Publica y Asistencia Social: Dr. Rafael SCHIFFINO
  • 1 Vicepresidente: Dr. Miguel SANZ

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