Colombian Red Cross Society was admitted to the IFRC in 1922. In 2015, it counted 25,492 active volunteers (. 36,950 in 2009), of which 43% were male and 57% female.

Latest news from Colombian Red Cross Society

In Valledupar’s suburbs, Colombia, a group of people gets together every week sitting at the front of one of the houses in Bello Horizonte’s neighbourhood.

27 December 2018

Andreina is one of the thirty women that take part in the psychosocial support activities for Zika organized by the Colombian Red Cross in the Bello Horizonte Community.

27 December 2018

As the population on the move has increased, there has been a corresponding escalation in humanitarian needs.

17 July 2018

The study suggests that deferral due to sojourn in endemic areas is having serious repercussions on blood banks.

29 May 2018

Colombian Red Cross scales up their capacity to respond to the risk of avalanche and flash flooding after a failure in the Ituango hydroelectric project.

25 May 2018

Colombia Red Cross has deployed 800 volunteers, who are working to meet the humanitarian requirements on the border with Venezuela.

23 February 2018

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Segundo piso Bloque Sur 111071, Bogota, Colombia
Tel: (571) 437 5300
Fax: (571) 4376300 Ext 2001
  • Presidente: Dra Judith CARVAJAL de ÁLVAREZ
  • I Vicepresidente: Sra Fabiola PINEDA DE VILLEGAS
  • II Vicepresidente: Dr Eduardo ROZO BRICEÑO
  • Vocale: Ing Blanca Hilda HERNÁNDEZ
  • Vocale: Dr Gabriel CAMERO RAMOS
  • Vocale: Ing Félix Guillermo SOLANO PANA
  • Vocale: Dra Beatrix Martha DÁVILA ZÚÑIGA
  • Vocale: Sr José Alberto ARAMÉNDIZ URIBE
  • Vocale: Sr Armando MEDINA VARGAS
  • Directora Ejecutiva: Sra Annabell CARRERA PEÑA
  • Director Nacional de Voluntariado: Lic. Paolo Andrea CORTES TOBAR
  • Director General de Salud: Dr Juvenal Francisco MORENO CARRILLO
  • Director General del Socorro Nacional: Sr César Augusto URUEÑA PULIDO
  • Director General de Doctrina y Protección: Sr Carlos Alberto GIRALDO GALLÓN
  • Director de Cooperación y Desarrollo: Sr Juan Álvaro RUIZ MADRID
  • Director Nacional de Educatión: vacante
  • Directora Administrativa y Financiera (AI): Sra Johanna Andrea ALBARRACÍN MOLINA
  • Director de Comunicación y Mercadeo: Sr Gabriel UMAÑA SUAREZ
  • Coordinadora de Planeación: Sra Julie Andrea RODRIGUEZ SARAY