Following one of the most devastating hurricane seasons in recent history, a four-year initiative launched to help Caribbean islands prioritize and invest in natural ecosystems.

The IFRC’s Americas Regional Office works in support of 35 National Red Cross. Through its Country Cluster Support Teams and its technical unit, it provides coordination, financial and technical support for disaster operations and longer term development programmes throughout the region.

Latest news from Americas

Months after Hurricane Maria, the inhabitants of Dominica are still struggling to recover from the destruction.

13 April 2018

People of Dominica slowly start to rebuild their livelihoods, homes and infrastructure after hurricane Maria.

11 April 2018

For months after Hurricane Maria, people had to look forward to long walks over steep hills and deep slopes, in order to return with their arms full of heavy buckets and bottles of water.

21 March 2018

The name Terencia Gaillard or “Terry” has become synonymous with Saint Lucia Red Cross.

8 March 2018

Five months after a category 5 hurricane Irma passed by Barbuda, destroying or damaging 90 per cent of the island’s infrastructure, people are still waiting to return to their homes.

28 February 2018


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Ciudad del Saber, Clayton, Panama City, Panama
  • Director: Walter Cotte
  • Deputy Director: Jan Gelfand

Country cluster support teams

  • South Cone and Brazil Country Cluster: Alexandre Claudon
  • Andean Country Cluster: Michele Detomaso
  • Central America Country Cluster: Nelson Aly / El Salvador – Guatemala: Marissa Soberanis / Panama: Roxana Trigo
  • Latin Caribbean Country Cluster: Ines Brill
  • English speaker Caribbean: Josephine Shield-Recass

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