The Uganda Red Cross Society was admitted to the IFRC in 1965. In 2016, it counted 7,100 active volunteers (up from 4,746 in 2009), of which 80% were male and 20% female.

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In 2018, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent responded to 34 emergencies in 22 countries across Africa where millions were affected by natural disasters, epidemics, population movement, complex emergencies and food insecurity. Af …

30 December 2018

Follow Irene Nakasiita, Uganda Red Cross Communications Coordinator, as she reports from Parolinya Settlement where Red Cross is supporting thousands of refugees seeking safety from neighbouring South Sudan Reporting by: Irene Nakasiita Under the scorc …

23 April 2018

Lack of clean water and inadequate sanitation remains one of the biggest health concerns in any overcrowded refugee camp.

19 November 2017

As of this week, a new Red Cross water treatment facility in Arua District started pumping over 400,000 litres of water a day from the Nile River into storage tanks, where it is filtered, treated and tested for quality, before being trucked to nearby Rhino Camp, currently home to 86,000 refugees.

24 March 2017

In the last six months there has been a steady increase in people fleeing violence in South Sudan and looking for safety in Palorinya. Resources, and the capacity of the government and humanitarian agencies, are stretched.

22 February 2017

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Block 8. Plot 551-555 Rubaga Road, Kampala
Tel: (256) (414) 258 701
Tel: (312 260 615)
  • Out-going President: Mr Bishop TOM OKELLO
  • Chairman for the Central Governing Board: Mr Joseph OMILMOT
  • Vice-Chairman: Ms Betty OMONY
  • Secretary General: Mr Robert KWESIGA
  • Honorary Treasurer: Hon Stephen TASHOBYA
  • Director of Disaster Management: Mr Bob AKANKWASA
  • Director of Finance: Mr Ezen KAVUMA
  • Coordinator – Human Resource and Administration: Ms Orwin TUMUHIRWE
  • Ag. Manager Internal Audit: Mr Moses BAGARUKAYO
  • Ag. Manager, Program Monitoring , Evaluation & Research: Mr Alex MUGYISHA
  • Coordinator – Resource Mobilisation: Ms Evelyn BABUMBA MWASA
  • Coordinator Supply Chain Management / Logistics: Mr Naphtal BAGUMA
  • Coordinator – Youth / Organizational Development: Ms Florence AJOK ODOCHI
  • Coordinator – PR & Communication: Ms Irene NAKASIITA
  • Director Health & Social Services: Dr Thomas MALINGA
  • Legal Adviser: Mr Alex LUGANDA