Senegalese Red Cross Society was admitted to the IFRC in 1963. In 2016, it counted 30,000 active volunteers (up from 20,000 in 2012), of which 47% were male and 53% female.

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The neighbourhood of Gourel Nguet, located in the department of Goudiry in eastern Senegal is bustling with activity. There is an endless movement of carts in front of the main store in the area. Hundreds of people, mainly women, are sitting on the ground holding empty basins and buckets. Despite the overwhelming heat, they queue up patiently -waiting to get a food voucher.

31 October 2017

In Lambago, like in most of villages in Diery, Matam, in north-eastern Senegal, the soils are dry and without vegetation. Mile upon mile, there is no water to be found.

4 July 2017

The Senegalese Red Cross – with support from Luxembourg Red Cross – has launched a new shelter project that aims to help communities in northern Senegal to build safe and flood-proof houses.

30 June 2017

165 migrants have returned home from Libya in an operation coordinated by the International Organization for Migration and supported by the IFRC.

8 June 2017

Like many farmers, Bogo Sy, 65, visits her vegetable garden every morning. There, in the garden, vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs grow. A water pump system installed – just a stone’s throw away from the Senegal river – makes it easy to water the plants.

2 May 2017

Gaya, a village in northern Senegal, is located near the 1800km long Senegal river. Yet, despite this proximity, many families have no access to safe water.

28 April 2017
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