Our strength lies in our geographical spread and professionalism in the area of first aid training, emergency preparedness and response and disaster risk reduction.

With over 350,000 well-trained volunteers in all the 36 states branches and the Federal Capital Territory, the Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS) usually turned out to be the foremost responders to emergencies.

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by Abubakar Kende, Secretary General, Nigerian Red Cross Society Recent deadly floods in Nigeria left death, destruction and displacement in their wake. Today, flood waters have receded, but another crisis looms large. Many of the 200,000 people who fl …

20 December 2018

Photo: Nwakpa O. Nwakpa/Nigerian Red Cross Chidera looks down at her newborn baby, delievered in a displacement camp in Delta, Nigeria. With more than 176,000 people displaced by the recent floods in Nigeria, at least 10,500 are pregnant and lactating …

11 October 2018

A temporary shelter perched near the riverside in Patani displacement camp in Delta State, Nigeria By Lizzy Okoji Propped on the riverside is Patani – one of the communities hardest hit in Delta State by floods. Almost all its houses are submerged by w …

10 October 2018

Nearly a quarter of a million households in Nigeria are at risk after heavy rains caused flooding that has inundated more than half the country. The rainfall began in July and has continued into September, causing Nigeria’s two main rivers – the Niger …

25 September 2018

Cash-based interventions are transforming the way humanitarian aid is being delivered. We have seen a dramatic increase in the use of cash globally by 40 per cent between 2015 and 2016 (State of the World’s Cash Report, 2018). At least 28 countries in …

13 September 2018
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  • National President: Elder (Chief) Bolaji Akpan ANANI
  • National Vice-President: Alhaji Zubair M. Umar
  • Secretary General: Alhaji Abubakar KENDE
  • Head of Finance and Accounts: Mr Godman ANYEBE
  • Head Disaster Management: Mr Andronicus ADEYEMO
  • Head of Communications and Advocacy: Mr Nwakpa O. NWAKPA
  • Head of Resource Mobilization and Property Development: Mrs Christine EMOKHOR
  • Head of Training: Mr Audu Goje
  • Head of  Health and Care: Ibrahim Dr. Juma
  • Head of PMER: Ms Epua EWA

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16 October 2018

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