By Osman Mohamed Osman, IFRC Thomas Kafas Shumba smiles as he inspects his only surviving portion of maize crop plantations, adjacent to his mud-walled house—in Wanasi village, Zimbabwe. Clad in a printed grey shirt and a pair of black trousers, the fa …

The IFRC’s Africa regional office works in support of 49 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in sub-Saharan Africa. Through its country cluster support teams and country offices, it provides coordination, financial, and technical support for disaster operations and longer term development programmes throughout the region.

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Students with disabilities have a better chance to succeed in class thanks to a Kenya Red Cross project that provides accessible latrines and improved access to clean water.

8 March 2018

By Rosemary Nalisa, Namibia Red Cross Society Hileni Naukushu is a respected local leader (headwoman) of the Okadhilodhi Area. She is also known for wearing a different hat as the head and champion of the Namibia Red Cross Society Community Mobilisatio …

8 March 2018

Thousands of Africans continue to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe, in the hope of improving their living conditions. For many travelling from sub-Saharan Africa, the dangers of the sea are not the first they face.

26 February 2018

By Rosemary Nalisa, Namibia Red Cross Society Bience Gawanas is the fourth child in a family of 11. She lost four of her siblings in very difficult circumstances. Her eldest brother was murdered in 1974, during Namibia’s politically turbulent years. Th …

15 February 2018

By Osman Mohamed Osman Today, the world is painted red. February 14, the 45th day of the Gregorian calendar, is Valentine’s Day where love is shared around the globe. As the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, we witness this every day. In the harrowi …

14 February 2018

Written by Millicent WANGUI Even in the age of online media, radio has remained the medium that reaches the widest audience in Africa. This makes radio a critical tool for our work at the Red Cross and Red Crescent. It links us with the rural and remot …

13 February 2018

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Hunger in East and Central Africa

Millions of people in East and Central Africa are facing a severe food crisis. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is responding to bring life-saving support to the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities.