Red Cross and Red Crescent Youth

About half of the volunteers of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement are young people.

A special focus on young people is a crucial investment,  not only for today but also for the future. The safety and protection of young people in vulnerable circumstances must be addressed, taking into account their age- and gender-specific needs.

In their multiple roles as contributors – and acknowledging their skills as innovators, inter-cultural ambassadors and peer-to-peer facilitators – young people are educated, enabled and empowered to be active in leading and participating in voluntary activities and in the governance, management and services of their National Societies. To this end, we use non-formal approaches as well as specific training and skills development. These are underpinned by dedicated youth networks and structures. We also encourage young people to continue membership as adults.

Young people bring much-needed skills when working alongside the increasing numbers of older people in a spirit of mutual respect. This is crucial to the intergenerational transfer of experience that is vital to both progress and stability in society.

Learning, education and training

Find out more about courses, humanitarian education initiatives and other opportunities to learn about the world and your part in it.

World First Aid Day

The IFRC is the largest first aid educator and provider in the world. In 2014, over 15 million people were trained in skills that could save lives in an emergency.

Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

Each year, 8 May – Henry Dunant’s birthday – gives us the chance to celebrate the amazing work of the Movement and its volunteers.

The Fundamental Principles

In a world with increasing isolation, tension and recourse to violence, it is clear that the Red Cross Red Crescent must champion the individual and community values which encourage respect for other human beings and a willingness to work together to find solutions to community problems.

Recent news stories

Snapshot of the Minecraft world - featuring  a digital edition of Reddie, the mascot of the Finnish Red Cross youth.

Loneliness is a serious problem in Finland with about 10 per cent of teenagers and young adults feeling isolated. Face-to-face activities that bring people together have been the backbone of Finnish Red Cross volunteer programmes and 2017 saw them taken to the next level – online gaming.

18 December 2017

Yunnan students have jumped at the chance to join Volunteers on Wheels, a new scheme bringing humanitarian pedal power to some of the world’s most isolated communities.

14 December 2017

Whether it’s a charity run for orphans or an art club for refugees, teenagers all over Austria are encouraged to set their ideas in motion for the sake of people who need a hand.

10 October 2017

Four artists from the Red Noses Clowndoctors International are bringing laughter and greater understanding to children who have fled violence in Ukraine.

23 August 2017

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