Responding to the needs of migrants to preserve their dignity and keep them safe.

IFRC supports National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies providing protection and assistance to vulnerable migrants, irrespective of their legal status, at all stages of migration.

Around the world, National Societies support migrants in many ways. While emergencies, including large-scale population movements, are a central part of our programming, there are many other ways we work to address the needs of migrants, on arrival at their destination, in transit or on return. Our work aims to preserve dignity and keep people safe and healthy. In line with our Policy on Migration, we work in countries of origin to help alleviate pressures that can induce people to migrate against their will.

Our global presence means we are present at all stages of migration and many people count on the Red Cross and Red Crescent: before leaving their countries, while crossing perilous paths or at destination to integrate in a new society. Our strength lies in the ability to provide an internationally coordinated response  tailored to the needs and context of vulnerable people.

We also work throughout our network to enhance awareness about migration related issues as well as promote respect for diversity, non-violence and social cohesion.

Rights of Migrants in Action

Rights of migrants in action is a project co-funded by the European Union which aims to promote and protect the human rights of migrants in targeted countries, migration corridors and regions through a coordinated civil society action, with a specific focus on migrant workers and victims of human trafficking.

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This framework illustrates an inclusive approach to the Federation-wide humanitarian response to the population movement from Rakhine state, in Myanmar, to Bangladesh, as well as the role of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and Movement-wide coordination.

26 May 2018

Migration is set to be one of the defining features of the 21st century. People migrate for many reasons, ranging from armed conflicts, persecution and poverty to the hope for a better future or to be reunited with their family.

9 December 2016
EU mig framework

National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies offer a variety of programmes and services to assist and protect migrants according to their needs. Based on an extensive mapping of 25 countries along the main migratory routes, the response plan identifies three main lines of response.

1 July 2016