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The scope of our programmes is expansive, and varies significantly according to context.  Key areas of how we help migrants and displaced people include:

  • First aid, mobile health clinics and primary health care services
  • Food distribution in emergencies and food production support in communities of return
  • Supplies, tools and guidance for shelter construction and repair
  • Distribution of household and other essential supplies
  • Emergency water and sanitation programs, construction or repair of water and sanitation systems in settings of large-scale displacement or communities of return
  • Extensive community engagement with migrant or displaced to ensure these populations have a voice in all aspects of our humanitarian response
  • Information mechanisms, like the Virtual Volunteer App, to ensure people migrating can make informed decisions and stay healthy and safe
  • Mental health care, psychosocial support and referrals
  • Reuniting families through the Restoring Family Links program, a collaboration with ICRC
  • Cash assistance
  • Skills building and other income-generation and livelihoods recovery support
  • Wide-ranging assistance to help host communities
  • Initiatives to counter anti-migrant sentiment and foster acceptance, integration and social inclusion
  • Wide-ranging assistance in destination countries to help refugees and other newcomers adjust, find work if permissable, and build new lives.

Humanitarian Service Points

IFRC is working with National Societies along migration routes to vastly expand its Humanitarian Service Points programme.These are safe, welcoming and strategically located spaces, run by Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers and staff, where migrating and displaced people who may have been denied access to aid or faced challenges in getting help, are able to access a range of needed services, which can include food and water, legal information, first aid, bathing facilities, and referrals for medical and other services.

Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Monthly Report: June 2021
Intersectoral Vulnerability Survey: The Vulnerability Conditions of Refugees Living in Turkey
Summary: Intersectoral Vulnerability Survey – The vulnerability conditions of refugees living in Turkey
Locked down and left out?
Rights of Migrants in Action
The Rights of Migrants in Action programme, co-funded by the European Union, helped to improve the rights and access to social services of migrant populations and their families in 15 countries, with a special focus on migrant workers and victims of human trafficking.
Largest IFRC programme funded by the EU on migration
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