Responding to humanitarian and protection needs of migrants and displaced people.

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International migration looks set to continue to increase in the short- and medium-term. It is truly a global phenomenon. In search of a safer life, far from poverty and violence, migrants are showing courage and resilience as they embark upon perilous journeys to new countries and adapt to new contexts.

Migration and displacement issues have risen high on the agenda of the international community over the past decade, and over the past few years we have witnessed an urgent need to address the plight of migrants along all migratory routes, and to work collectively towards comprehensive solutions involving countries of origin, transit and destination.

The IFRC has a long-standing commitment to work with governments, host populations and migrant communities to respond to the humanitarian and protection needs of vulnerable migrants in countries of transit and destination. In line with our Policy on Migration, the IFRC also works in countries of origin to contribute to alleviating pressures that can induce people to migrate against their will. In accordance to our Fundamental Principles, we work to preserve the humanity and dignity of migrants regardless of their legal status and we focus on assistance, protection, non-discrimination and public awareness and promotion of respect for diversity, non-violence and social inclusion.

Our work in Migration


Advocacy addresses key issues in meeting migrants’ and displaced people’s needs. Read more here about our advocacy work to help vulnerable migrants.

Protection and social inclusion

Advocacy addresses key issues in meeting migrants’ and displaced people’s needs.


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Community Engagement and Accountability

The Virtual Volunteer is a web application accessible with any connected device to support migrants with life-enhancing and life-saving information.

Awareness raising

Raising awareness is important to promote respect for diversity and counter intolerance, prejudice and discrimination through positive images and programmes.

Learning and Knowledge

Building on its years of expertise, IFRC is committed to share knowledge and build capacities among its network and beyond.

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Hadim sits on the shoreline near Zawiya, holding the ID card of his friend. Hadim and 23 others were lucky to survive when the boat they were using the cross the Mediterranean foundered soon after departure. By the time they were able to return to the Libyan coast, most of the people in the boat had died from either exposure or dehydration. Photo: Libyan Red Crescent (Zawiya branch)

Hadim Mbye, a 31-year-old migrant from The Gambia, boarded a small rubber dinghy together with over 130 others at a beach close to Tripoli in Libya. Hadim shared his experience of the ordeal with volunteers from the Libyan Red Crescent’s Zawiya branch.

23 February 2017
Red Crescent helps migrants rescued from shipping container in LibyaPhoto: Fawsi Abdel-Alli, Libyan Red Crescent

Early in the morning of Wednesday, 22 February, Khoms branch of the Libyan Red Crescent received a phone call. They were told that 69 migrants of different nationalities had been found inside a metal container near the city, some of them dead and the others in bad condition. They had been trapped in the container for four days.

23 February 2017

In the last six months there has been a steady increase in people fleeing violence in South Sudan and looking for safety in Palorinya. Resources, and the capacity of the government and humanitarian agencies, are stretched.

22 February 2017

Recent additions to the migration resources library


Following the economic downturn of 2008, many National Societies across Europe and Central Asia have tailored their programmes and activities to address the needs of the newly emerged vulnerable groups.

23 February 2017

Poster highlighting the social commitments contained in the Florence Call for Action.

23 February 2017

Two page flyer highlighting the commitments around migration in the Florence Call for Action.

23 February 2017