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People move for different reasons: conflict and violence, crisis and emergencies, persecution, human rights violations, poverty, joblessness, hopelessness, a lack of basic services or food insecurity. Extreme weather events displace millions from their homes each year and an increasing number of people are escaping the impacts of climate change. The most vulnerable are often fleeing a combination of these factors. For many, they are simply seeking a better or safer life.

271.6 million international migrants

Nearly 50% of are female and around 14% are children and youth. Data source: UNDESA 2019/MigrationDataPortal2019

70.8 million forcibly displaced people

Of those forced from their homes due to persecution, war and violence. 41.3 million people were estimated to be living in an internal displacement and 25.9 million are refugees. Data source : IDMC/UNHCR 2019

On average, 24 million people displaced by disasters every year

Extreme weather events, like floods, storms and earthquakes, devastate communities and uproot millions annually, often leading to long-term displacement. Data Source: IDMC / NRC 2019

IFRC has a long history of providing humanitarian aid and protection for migrants and displaced people, in countries of origin, transit and destination, whatever their legal status. With a presence in more than 190 countries, Red Cross and Red Crescent teams annually assist millions of refugees and asylum seekers, victims of trafficking, unaccompanied children, labour migrants and people displaced by disasters and the impact of climate change.

IFRC’s work and support for migrants and displaced people focuses on saving lives, preventing suffering, reducing vulnerability and risk, restoring dignity and enhancing resilience.

We advocate for the needs, rights and safety of migrants and displaced people, and unhindered access to essential services. We work with host communities and support initiatives that promote understanding, interaction and social inclusion. We also help migrants and displaced people rebuild their lives and livelihoods and find sustainable solutions.

Our strength lies in our network of over 13 million trusted volunteers and their access to vulnerable migrants and displaced people, wherever they are on their journeys.

Our Work for Migrants and Displaced People
Policies and Strategies

Our policies, resolutions and strategies guide how we aid migrants and displaced people. Our position papers and reports make the case for better policies and improved treatment.

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We help National Societies to provide needed support and assistance to migrants and displaced people wherever they are on their journeys, prioritizing the most vulnerable and hard to reach.

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Virtual Volunteer

Part of our community engagement work, is a web app that gives migrants vital information to make decisions, stay healthy and get the help they need.

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Smart Practices and Learning

We produce learning materials, tools and courses on best practices in assisting migrants and displaced people, including our Smart Practices website, which allows National Societies, humanitarian partners and governments to share and compare lessons, knowledge and expertise.

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Reports & resources
Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Monthly Report: June 2021
Intersectoral Vulnerability Survey: The Vulnerability Conditions of Refugees Living in Turkey
Summary: Intersectoral Vulnerability Survey – The vulnerability conditions of refugees living in Turkey
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