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First Aid

The IFRC and its 192 National Red Cross Red Crescent Societies are the world’s leading providers and trainers of first aid.  Every year, more than 20 million people are trained in first aid by Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies, collectively reaching over 46 million people with first aid and preventive health messages each year. 

It all started more than 150 years ago when Henry Dunant, a young Geneva businessman, witnessed the suffering caused by the 1859 battle of Solferino. He mobilized the civilian population to care for the wounded, irrespective of their role in the conflict, and secured the necessary materials to set up temporary hospitals. Since then, first aid has been a flagship activity of the Red Cross Red Crescent.  

First aid is for everyone, everywhere.

Millions of people are hurt or killed by injuries every year due to an inadequate response or lack of timely assistance arrives. No matter where you are in the world, professional medical help may not always be immediately available. Taking immediate action through appropriate first aid saves lives.   

In most cases, first aid is administered by bystanders to the accident or emergency, who are often members of the public. With first aid skills, volunteers and communities are empowered to save lives without discrimination. 

To become a certified first aider, you can contact your respective National Society  for more information on the available first aid courses and training in your country.  

You can also take introductory first aid courses on the IFRC eLearning platform:  

Global First Aid Reference Centre

The IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre (GFARC) was established to meet the growing demands for quality first aid training and provision around the world. 

Hosted by the French Red Cross, GFARC works on the combined objectives to a) reduce deaths, b) reduce the severity of injuries, and c) make people and communities more resilient through first aid. 

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