Fighting famine in East and Central Africa

Millions of people in East and Central Africa are facing a severe food crisis. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is responding to bring life-saving support to the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities.

Millions of people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda are facing a severe food crisis and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. The situation is expected to intensify in the coming months as the current drought continues, and rising prices, insecurity, and restricted humanitarian access compound the crisis. At no other time in recent history has severe hunger and starvation loomed so large.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement response builds on its efforts to improve resilience and provide social protection. Our presence in thousands of communities across the region allows us to offer vital support where it is most needed.

Press releases on the crises



Earlier this year, Kenya declared a national drought emergency, with 23 of its 47 counties currently affected. The number of people not getting enough or adequate food in the country has more than doubled – from 1.3 million to 2.7 million.

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A combination of pervasive insecurity, combined with recurrent drought and chronic underdevelopment has left millions of Somalis in need of urgent and sustained humanitarian assistance. Nearly three million people in the country are facing crisis.

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