Floods in Peru

The worst floods in decades has affected over one million people in Peru. In response, IFRC and the Peruvian Red Cross have launched an appeal to support 50,000 people in the worst affected areas.

El Niño weather patterns over Peru have caused heavy rainfall, floods, landslides, hail and electric storms since December 2016. The northern coastal regions are hardest hit, but all of Peru’s 24 departments have experienced heavy rains. To date, there have been 133 deaths and 18 missing people in the flooding.  Flood water5s have caused extensive damage, including to houses, medical and educational centres, and crops.


Continuing rains throughout much of April has raised the number of disaster-affected to 1.2 million people nearly a third of whom are children, youth and the elderly. Vector borne, and water related diseases are on the rise. Seven regions have witnessed an increase in dengue cases. 

The floods have affected…

More than 1.2 million people

285,060 households

795 health centres


87,000 ha of farmland


The IFRC appeal

The IFRC is seeking

4,740,589 Swiss francs

To assist

50,000 people

Over the next

12 months

Pictures: Edwin Jara and Fernando Gandarillas, IFRC

Press releases on the crises