Colombia population movement

Aid workers working along the Colombia-Venezuela border are warning of rising vulnerabilities among people crossing the border and are calling on the international community to increase support for humanitarian efforts.

An estimated 796,000 people entered Colombia from Venezuela through official migration points in 2017. The volume of people on the move has already triggered regional repercussions, with many people now crossing from Colombia into Ecuador and Brazil, and from there to countries further south including Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

“We are increasingly concerned about this situation, and we believe that additional, urgent action needs to be taken to ensure that people can access basic services and support,” said Walter Cotte, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Regional Director for the Americas.

Cúcuta, Colombia

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As the population on the move has increased, there has been a corresponding escalation in humanitarian needs.

17 July 2018

The study suggests that deferral due to sojourn in endemic areas is having serious repercussions on blood banks.

29 May 2018

Colombian Red Cross scales up their capacity to respond to the risk of avalanche and flash flooding after a failure in the Ituango hydroelectric project.

25 May 2018

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