Improving communication, engagement and accountability in all we do.

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Community engagement and accountability (CEA) is an approach to Red Cross Red Crescent programming and operations. It is supported by a set of activities that help put communities at the centre of what we do, by integrating communication and participation throughout the programme cycle or operation.

CEA is the process of and commitment to providing timely, relevant and actionable life-saving and life-enhancing information to communities. It is about using the most appropriate communication approaches to listen to communities’ needs, feedback and complaints, ensuring they can actively participate and guide Red Cross Red Crescent actions. CEA supports those involved in programmes and operations to adopt innovative approaches to better understand and engage with people and communities and help them address unhealthy and unsafe practices. It maximizes the Red Cross Red Crescent’s unique relationship with the community to help them speak out about the issues that affect them and influence decision and policy-makers to implement positive changes.

What is CEA?

Minimum actions

The CEA Guide

The CEA Toolkit

How to Use Social Media to Better Engage People Affected by Crises


Together with ICRC, and with the support of OCHA, we have published a brief guide on how to use social media to better engage people affected by crisis. The guide is geared towards staff in humanitarian organisations who are responsible for official social media channels.

Recent additions to the CEA resources library

061217_SoMe inforgraphic04

This infographic provides you with some key tips to better engage with people during emergencies.

6 December 2017
061217_SoMe inforgraphic03

This infographic provides you with tips on how to be social media ready to better engage with people affected by crises.

6 December 2017
061217_SoMe inforgraphic02

This inforgaphic provides you with tips on building trust and proximity with people affected by crises online.

6 December 2017

CEA in Action

In focus: World Radio Day

Radio is a powerful tool to engage and help affected communities across the world. Read more about our work.

In focus: Ebola

Community engagement has been central to responding the Ebola emergency in West Africa and to keep communities safe and the virus contained. 

In focus: Migration helps migrants find local support and provides tips on how to keep safe and healthy.

In focus: TERA

The TERA system provides life-saving information when and where it is needed during an emergency or crisis.

News stories

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Feedback collected through the hotline became a key source of information in deciding and how and where the cash transfer programme needed to be improved. When the Lebanese Red Cross set up a feedback and complaints mechanism to answer questions from S …

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Brochures, posters, and radio spots give migrants access to life-saving, practical and useful information throughout their journey #infoisaid Over the last two years, National Societies from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in cooperation wi …

30 October 2017