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WASHcast Cholera response

Host Alexandra Machado IFRC’s WASH in Public Health senior officer and George MUGAMBI, IFRC,s WASH East Africa officer deployed as a Regional Disaster Response Team member to Lusaka , Zambia for the Cholera outbreak response 2017. About the challenges and strengths of providing appropriate water, sanitation and Hygiene support in the response of the cholera outbreak and his deployment experience.

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IFRC WASHcast: Episode 1 - Vector-borne diseases

Interview with Katy Eves from The MENTOR Initiative

IFRC WASHcast: episode 1 – vector-borne diseases

Will Carter introduces Katy Eves, Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases Programmes Manager, The MENTOR Initiative, about the challenges of dealing with vector-borne diseases, which could potentially affect 2.5 billion people in 100 countries.

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