The Swedish Red Cross (Swedish: Svenska Röda Korset) is a Swedish humanitarian organization and a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Founded in 1865, its purpose is to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever and whenever it occurs, voluntarily and without discrimination. Within Sweden, it operates more than 1,000 local branches, which are run by local committees. (source: Wikipedia)

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Data map by Viktor Vorobyev noun_301196_cc

What can a spreadsheet do? Or, better yet, what can 100s of people do with improved spreadsheet skills? From the moment IFRC started the Data Literacy program, we heard from people every day that we all need to collectively improve our data skills in t …

2 March 2021

“Hi, my name is Reyan. I have many plans for my life and my future, for the world. I want to live a life full of happiness. I want to help every child…” Reyan is a painter, writer and poet. Although she uses different mediums, the story in each poem, t …

26 February 2021

Nhamatanda, 20 February 2021—Survivors of Cyclone Eloise have received materials from Mozambique Red Cross Society (CVM) to construct houses and start a new life. “I would like to thank the Red Cross for giving me and my neighbours these materials. We …

24 February 2021

Ömer Eddağavi and his family have been living on unstable income since arriving in Turkey six years ago after fleeing conflict in Syria. Relying on seasonal work on farms, forced Eddağavi to borrow money from relatives and friends when there was no job …

22 February 2021

“The Honduran Red Cross has a lot of experience in facing endemic epidemiological situations in the area, such as dengue or zika, and we are prepared to act in adverse meteorological situations such as hurricanes or floods, but not with a pandemic of such magnitude at the same time… a country is never prepared for a situation like this.”

9 February 2021
The Guyana Red Cross team delivers hygiene kits to communities living on the river near Mabaruma, Guyana.

Story and photos by Angela Hill / IFRC For the field team of the Guyana Red Cross, responding to COVID-19 has meant time away from families, thousands of miles by car, plane and boat, and arranging logistics for tons of cleaning and hygiene supplies de …

2 February 2021

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Hornsgatan 54, Stockholm, Suède
(46) (8) 452 46 00
(46) (8) 452 46 01(General)
  • Ms. Margareta WAHLSTRÖM: President
  • Mr. Bo HERMANSSON: Vice-President
  • Ms. Kristina LJUNGROS: Vice-President
  • Ms. Katarina STRUWE ORLEIFSON: Vice-President
  • Mr. Martin ÄRNLÖV: Secretary General
  • Ms. Anna ERNESTAM: Director of Finance and Support Services
  • Mr. Peter ERIKSSON: Head of Strategic Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Ms. Therése ENGSTRÖM: Director of Communications and Fundraising
  • Ms. Åsa ALEXANDROW: Director of Human Resources
  • Mr. Melker MÅBECK: Director of International Operations
  • Ms. Sara REVELL FORD: Director of Domestic Operations
  • Mr. Tord PETTERSSON: Director of National society Development
  • Ms. Ida KENNERBERG:  Assistant to the President and the Governing Board
  • Ms. Annette LIND: Assistant Office of the Secretary General

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