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Reference centres (in some cases known as Resource Centres) are centres of expertise in defined technical or thematic areas. Reference Centres build and contribute knowledge and provide services to the Red Cross Red Crescent network, either globally or in a particular geographic region.  Reference Centres are created in different ways. In some cases, they are created in partnership with the IFRC, and are referred to as IFRC Reference Centres. In other cases, one or more National Societies come together to create a National  Society Reference Centre or other networks.

Promotional Video of the Reference Centres

Services offered by the reference centres
Knowledge management

Information sharing, capacity building, and training

Research and innovation

Development and adaptation of tools and methodologies.

Networking, partnership building, and coordination.

Technical  exchange, assistance and support.

Important links for Reference Centers
Red Cross Red Crescent Research Map
This map is a collection of past and current research activities, studies, and academic papers that are supported by the members of the Research Consortium and captures some of the research activities which, when considered as a whole, would rival most universities, academic and research institutions.
Annual Meeting 2020
Every year the Reference Centres hold their Annual Meeting to facilitate information sharing, coordinate actions, and provide greater visibility about their collective projects. Access the Digital webspace of the 2020 meeting here.
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