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December 2017

Youth voice in the Statutory Meetings 2017

#myRCRC Youth Forum gathered 170 youth delegates from 121 National Societies  to galvanise the youth voice on issues pertinent to the humanitarian mission of the RCRC, convene the Regional RCRC Youth Networks as key platforms for advancing global agenda regionally and nationally, and foster meaningful engagement of the youth leaders as full members of the NS delegations throughout the Statutory meetings 2017.

During the Youth Forum, young people applied their perspectives to identify key issues and suggested solutions for Volunteering, S2030 development, and Migration. Their views on these global IFRC priorities were translated into youth-led or inter-generational interventions delivered throughout the Statutory meetings and other substantive inputs that will help the Movement remain a partner of choice with global presence and local reach in the times of fast changing humanitarian landscape and increasing number of protracted crises. Atmosphere of the #myRCRC Youth Forum was captured here.

The General Assembly adopted a new, aspirational Youth Policy to guide National Societies in “a transformative journey of advancing youth engagement”. Welcoming the new policy, the outgoing IFRC President Tadateru Konoé spoke of its importance and urged National Societies to “bridge the gaps between generations and speak more with one voice”.  It is also noteworthy that the General Assembly approved an additional element of election to the previously existing appointment procedure for the IFRC Youth Commission members. As a result, young people from the National Societies will be electing their peers to represent them at the global level.

At a joint Award Ceremony, the winners and runners-up of the 7th edition of the IFRC Youth on the Move Award were announced. The winning projects in four categories were awarded for proposing interesting and innovative initiatives addressing humanitarian needs that bank on the potential of youth doing more, doing better, and reaching further.

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Share your story

Dana, 20 years

Beneficiary of project “Community mobilisation for conflict prevention and social cohesion in Ukraine in Pology town”. Before July of 2017 Dana took part in 5 project activities

My name is Dana. To be honest, I’m an egoistic person, I’m used to gifts, and all attention goes to me. So it was always. For a long time, namely up to 13 years I was the only child in the family, until my parents adopted a boy from the orphanage. For me it was just a tragedy. I could not understand why they did it. I will not say that our financial situation was badly affected, but nevertheless I felt a lack of attention and gifts. The best thing were given and bought for him, not to me. Since that moment, conflicts in the family started happening more often.

I hated both parents and this boy. A couple of months before that, I started dating a guy, and he was my only consolation. Nazar liked me authentic. I just now started to understand how much he helped me. Every time I behaved like a madman with my parents, I was leaving my house to meet with Nazar. He reassured me and tried to give advice, but I was never under his pressure. Once, when I quarrelled with my family again, I called him, he was going to some training at that time. I absolutely did not want to be alone that evening, I turned off my phone so that my parents could not reach me and went along with my boyfriend. The training was called “Empathy”. We played a game, there was an assignment – to draw the most favourite and dearest things for me: things, clothes, places and beloved people. I did not care why I drew my mother on the fourth page, just out of habit, that she is the most important person for me, without even thinking at the moment that we had a falling out. The game had three rounds. After the first one I lost my favourite place, then – the things, … and after the third one the facilitator took the paper with my mom being drawn on it. Then the game stopped for me. I sobbed and could not stop, I started recollecting the films in memory, when people open the door, and there is a policeman with some really bad news. Natalia Evgenievna, who was conducting the training and my Nazar helped me to calm down. As soon as I was able to catch my breath, I immediately called my parents and ran home to hug my mom. She did not understand what had happened, but without asking any unnecessary questions she hugged me back. In the evening we just drank tea and talked, my mother cooked my favourite pie.

After that, I visited 4 more Red Cross activities with great pleasure. Thanks to “Active listening” I understood how important it is not only to hear, but also to listen. After analyzing all my relationships, I realized how much pain I brought to my close people with my behaviour, selfishness and thoughtlessly said words. I will not say that I have become a completely different person, but changes did really start in my life. I began to see how nice Nazar is to me. By the way, a week ago we got engaged and now we will live together. Now I’m learning to love and understand the needs of my new brother, and of course, how to respect and appreciate my parents. The Training on “Empathy” made a great impression on me. In the moments of anger, irritation, I stop myself, I reboot my thoughts and feelings. After all, life is so short, and there are so few family members. And now instead of swearing at my mother, I hug her.

Elena, 39 years

Volunteer of Red Cross in Zaporizhzhia city

Before August 2017 conducted 12 activities by YABC toolkit in project “Community mobilisation for conflict prevention and social cohesion in Ukraine”  

Hello. I want to tell you a story from my life. I’m Elena, 39, and I’m a Red Cross volunteer. One of my students brought me to this organization. At first, the work was fragmentary, but over the time it became systematic and regular. After “Youth as agents of behavioural change” (YABC) Training of Peer educators, I started to conduct YABC activity and I would like to tell you more about this. Often, such events were visited by a girl named Victoria. Knowing her life story, I did not insist on her active participation at the trainings. She grew up in a family where violence was the norm and the rule of the family life. Her stepfather became psychologically, financially and physically violent (which was the most terrible). She was afraid to come home because of constant humiliations and insults. Over time, she became an aggressive teenager. No one in the group wanted to contact her, no one wanted to make friendship with her. And then the turning point happened: I was conducting the training, which was dedicated to the prevention of violence and discrimination. Having overpowered herself, she actively participated in “living sculptures”, and discussion. So great was my surprise when after the training she cried with the words: “I saw myself in sculptures. I remembered my mother and stepfather. I remembered what he did to us. I saw myself and understood how I had changed, that I also became violent in regard to other people. I saw myself how I look to others and I understood that I did not want to be friends with such a monster who screams, swears, and apply physical force. It was so bitter to understand that I was kind of like my father!” The words don’t do justice to express this girl’s enlightenment, so huge and powerful it was.

The YABC activities is a great tool for changing people and their worldview. They change the person who conducts them, and the people who visit them. There are no perfect people in the world, but no one is looking for the perfect one. They look for an understanding one. Understanding comes to people either with age or as a result of self-development. The YABC trainings are fast and demonstrative in this plan. Where else can you find a chance to feel another person. And when it happened in my practice, I thought about how powerful is the tool of the project ” Community mobilisation for conflict prevention and social cohesion in Ukraine “. After all, every country begins with families and they do not always have a favourable climate. Now I treat other people with great attention, their feelings and rights. Such training made me think, look around, listen to others. After all, these Victoria girls are not alone.

And most importantly, the results of the work do not make us wait long. You can immediately see how bright the eyes of a person are, how his behaviour changes with respect to himself and other people. Now, when I meet with Victoria, her story begins with the words: “I remember that training well. I do not want to go back to the old life. “That’s nice and motivational.

If you want to be an agent of change in the lives of others, start with yourself. After all, there are a lot of unexplored dark zones in oneself.

Humanitarian Education

Education: related humanitarian needs

The first resolution ever adopted by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, entitled “Education: related humanitarian needs”, was adopted at the Council of Delegates in November 2017 and can be found online, in four languages, alongside a background report here.

Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change (YABC)

The global YABC network passed the threshold of 2,500 trained individuals from 135 National Societies thanks to the 9 national peer educator trainings that took place between September and December in Guatemala, Cyprus, Germany, France, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Malaysia and New Zealand. To learn more about the programme, visit its dedicated webpage.

Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change (YABC) in Ukraine: personal testimonies

In cooperation with the Danish Red Cross, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) started in July 2016 to implement a project entitled “Community mobilization for conflict prevention and social cohesion in Ukraine” with the aim of promoting tolerance and the rights of citizens as well as protecting and supporting (re-)integration of marginalised groups (such as internally displaced persons) into society through active dialogue and cooperation in 6 selected conflict-affected communities. This is done by facilitating opportunities for young people to engage in a number of social, artistic, creative and innovative activities and thus increase positive interaction and bonding between host communities and IDPs as well as increase self-confidence and self-esteem of marginalised young people with limited social resources. In this framework, the 20 youth trained as YABC peer educators facilitated over 150 YABC sessions using most of the toolkit activities and reaching out 3 278 beneficiaries over the last 12 months. We are sharing their individual testimonies at the Share Your Story section.

HE webinar “The potential for using mobile learning games in humanitarian education”

The webinar gave insights into the EduApp4Syria innovation competition, which has sourced two literacy learning games in Arabic; Feed the Monster and Antura and the Letters. The games have open source licenses; are ad-free and free to download; and can be used offline once they have been downloaded to a smartphone. For those of you who wish to download visit the game websites for each game to download; Feed the Monster. Antura and the Letters

What’s happening in 2017

We are glad to share with you a global calendar of Movement activities. Please update the calendar with regional or global events that your National Society is organizing.  We will be glad to promote the activities.