Kuala Lumpur / Kathmandu / Geneva, 13 August 2017 — Red Cross volunteers and emergency teams are searching for survivors as flash floods and landslides have submerged thousands of homes in several parts of Nepal, mostly in the south of the country.

The floods and landslides have claimed at least 53 lives over the past three days, in the Terai region bordering India and other areas of Nepal, according to the Government of Nepal. Dozens more are missing or injured.

“We are urgently rushing help to the survivors. Hundreds of volunteers from Nepal Red Cross Society are working with local people, local security forces and emergency teams to rescue people and evacuate them to safety,” said Dev Ratna Dhakhwa, Secretary General, Nepal Red Cross Society.

The flooding and landslides have cut communications and electricity in many affected areas. Many roads are submerged or covered by debris from landslides, providing further challenges to rescue efforts.

“Monsoon rains and floods in the past two weeks have affected more than 100,000 people. First aid and relief supplies have been provided around the clock by hundreds of volunteers from the Nepal Red Cross Society,” said Mr Dhakhwa.

“We are distributing relief supplies, including tarpaulins, cooking utensils, food and water to those suffering and displaced people whose homes have been damaged or destroyed, including women, children and the elderly,” Mr Dhakhwa explained.

The Nepal Red Cross Society is also working with local authorities to warn thousands of people of further threats from rising rivers and further landslides.

Most of the rivers in Nepal have risen to dangerous levels due to recent heavy rainfall. The rain is expected to continue in the coming days according to the Nepal Meteorological Forecasting Division, raising fears that the rivers will threaten to wash more villages away.

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