Geneva, 25  August 2018 – The following can be attributed to Francesco Rocca, the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies:

For the last ten days more than 150 vulnerable people have been stranded aboard the Diciotti ship off the coast of Sicily while states continue to put politics before humanity. Many of these people have endured terrible conditions, including abuse, and require immediate psychological assistance.

Right now, Italian Red Cross volunteers are taking care of some of the few who have been allowed to disembark, making sure they have access to medical assistance. While we are taking care of these people, we are deeply concerned about the fate of those left onboard the Diciotti ship and about the closure of Italian ports to migrants. All governments must share responsibility and have a duty to ensure the safety and protect the dignity of all people on the move.

Any political decision that threatens the basic human dignity of people is unacceptable.”



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