Global action needed to prevent the deepening crisis in mental health

The verdict is in: COVID-19 worsens mental health. So there can be no excuse and no delay in stepping up now to prevent a worsening and chronic catastrophe.

Ten years since the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

A message of appreciation to our partners and supporters for their global spirit of togetherness March 11 is a special day for Japan. It is a day to reflect on the path we have taken, a day to think about where we are going, and a day to thank the world for its...

Masouma: Volunteering because she cares

A mother of two, Masouma dedicates much of her free time to volunteering for the Red Cross. Her role as a hygiene promoter is to help her community stay aware of the biggest public health risks, to use safe hygiene practices and make the best use of the water and sanitation facilities.  

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