Applying to the National Society Investment Alliance

The Investment Alliance aims to strengthen National Society capacity to deliver relevant and effective humanitarian services in their countries. Investments are demand-driven which means National Societies determine the investment objectives and their support needs – National Society leadership are responsible for developing and submitting proposals for funding.

The NSIA will provide significant, flexible multi-year financing and support to enable National Societies to:

  • enhance the relevance, safe access, quality and sustainability of their services
  • strengthen leadership, governance and systems, ensuring accountability and transparency
  • develop adaptive financial and business strategies and mobilise diversified resources to enhance organizational sustainability

What funding is available?

Recognising that National Societies at different stages in their development require different kinds of support, two complementary funding mechanisms are available:

  • Bridge Funding – up to CHF 50,000 over one year: to support National Societies to develop an investment plan and increase their readiness to apply for future funding, be it from the NSIA or elsewhere.
  • Accelerator Funding – up to a maximum of CHF 1 million for three to five years: for National Societies with a clear vision and existing plan for their organization’s development. The NSIA will support investment plans and budgets that are appropriate for the National Society’s needs and implementation capacity.

The upper limit for Accelerator applications remains 1 million CHF, however we stress that this is a maximum that will only be considered in exceptional cases.

The investment plan can provide a frame for the National Society to coordinate and align development support from partners inside and outside the Movement.

Can my National Society apply?

All National Societies are invited to apply. However, National Societies operating in medium, high and very high-risk contexts will have a greater likelihood of being supported by the Investment Alliance. Check the Country Risk Environment list in the Guidelines for Applicants to determine the risk rating for your country.

The Investment Alliance is aimed at National Societies where leadership has the ambition to undertake change to take their organizations to new levels of performance and humanitarian impact. Support will only be available to National Societies demonstrating strong commitment to the Fundamental Principles and operating with a high level of integrity, as explained below.

The Investment Alliance has specific eligibility and selection criteria for its support.

If your National Society aims to apply for Accelerator funding:

  1. Can you demonstrate a proven humanitarian or development need where investment can add value?
  2. Is your National Society’s leadership clear about the change it seeks? Is it strongly committed to reform?
  3. Can you provide:
    • a sound evidence-based analysis of the organization and its context
    • relevant financial information and financial management capacity
    • a viable and realistic development and investment plan with a clear link to humanitarian impact
  4. Does it have the capacity to implement the changes proposed, or plans to develop such capacity?
  5. Can you show how the impact of any investments will be sustained? Do you have clear measures of success?

If your National Society needs to do some internal work before it is ready to answer positively to the above questions it may be able to apply for a Bridge grant with the objective to develop a plan and prepare the organization for future investment. To discuss an idea prior to application, please contact the NSIA Office.

National Society Integrity

A National Society will not qualify for funding if it is an ‘integrity case’ being addressed by the IFRC’s Compliance and Mediation Commission. If integrity issues are identified at the time of the application, the Steering Committee will assess their relevance to the application, as well as the National Society’s leadership and management response. The Investment Alliance will consider funding if the issues have been or are being managed proactively, transparently and effectively, and if safeguards are in place to avoid recurrence.

How and when can we apply?

National Societies can apply following a call for proposals for either Accelerator funding or a Bridge grant using the online application form

The exact number of National Societies supported will depend on the applications received and the funds available. Applications will be reviewed against a set of clear criteria, and selected based on merit.

What are the expected outcomes and reporting requirements?

National Societies will be expected to show how the Investment Alliance support has contributed to enhanced and sustainable capacity for delivery of relevant humanitarian services at national and local levels, and their learning from their organizational development.

Biannual narrative reports on changes, results, learning and financial reports will be required.

For more information contact:

Kim Scriven
Fund Manager, National Society Investment Alliance

Office of the National Society Investment Alliance
c/o International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Chemin des Crêts 17, Petit-Saconnex – 1209 Geneva, Switzerland