Hosted by the IFRC, the Investment Alliance is managed by a Fund Manager, working closely with IFRC and ICRC headquarters and field staff.

A Steering Committee comprised of IFRC/ICRC senior staff is responsible for strategic oversight of the Fund and investment decisions.

A Stakeholder Advisory Group, of National Society and external experts, advises the Steering Committee on how the Investment Alliance can be improved based on learning from the Alliance and wider National Society development approaches.

IFRC and ICRC field structures play an important role, in providing guidance to National Societies applying for funds.

An existing senior IFRC or ICRC field staff member located close to the National Society receiving investment will have a liaison role. He/she will support the Alliance office in contracting, monitoring and reporting processes, and help ensure that any National Society questions are dealt with rapidly.

National Societies supported by the Investment Alliance will develop and implement medium to long-term investment plans, sourcing and budgeting technical support from inside or outside the Movement as they need.

How are funding decisions made?

Funds will be allocated in funding rounds that will have defined criteria. The Steering Committee, orientated by the overall investment strategy will decide on the allocations based on the risk environment, quality of applications and their likely impact, and the actual funding available for the round. Decisions will be shared publicly to ensure full transparency and accountability.

Applications are reviewed and rated against a range of criteria which will be determined and weighted appropriate to each of the two different funding streams. Refer to the guidelines and application review sheets.

Decisions on renewal of Accelerator funding for a second or subsequent year will be made on the results from the previous investment, the quality of future plans and adherence to Investment Alliance conditions.