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Smart Investment for Local Impact

Against a backdrop of evolving risk contexts and increasing needs, the National Society Investment Alliance (NSIA) is focused on supporting the development of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies as principled, effective and sustainable humanitarian actors.

The IFRC and the ICRC jointly manage the NSIA to provide substantial, multi-year support to National Societies, especially those in contexts with heightened humanitarian needs or risks. The NSIA helps strengthen the organisational development and capacity of National Societies so they can increase their impact.


Why an Investment Alliance for National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies?

Following the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit and Grand Bargain commitments to provide at least 25 per cent of global humanitarian funding to local and national responders, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has determined to redouble its efforts in strengthening National Societies, supporting them to more effectively and sustainably deliver on their humanitarian mission.

Many National Societies are strong, but others are still a long way from reaching their potential. Further investment is needed to ensure that they continue to develop as sustainable, independent humanitarian organizations, recognized and credible in their communities, and trusted partners for the delivery of effective humanitarian action.

First Round of NSIA Funding Allocations

The first call for proposals received 48 applications from National Societies across all regions, with a range of contextual challenges and organizational development needs. In response, the NSIA Office conducted an independent and objective process of consultation and review, working with colleagues from the IFRC and the ICRC at the national and regional level, as well as the National Societies themselves.

The Steering Committee agreed that the first 10 National Societies that will receive bridge funding are: Armenia, Colombia, Comoros, Lebanon, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, Ukraine and Zambia. Lebanon and Ukraine will receive the accelerator funding in this first round. Read more

A joint initiative of the IFRC and the ICRC, it prioritises National Societies in very high, high and medium risk humanitarian contexts ensuring services can be delivered wherever communities are vulnerable to armed conflicts, violence, natural disasters and other humanitarian challenges.


How it works

As a joint initiative of the IFRC and the ICRC, the Investment Alliance is managed by a Fund Manager, working closely with IFRC and ICRC headquarters and field staff.

For donors

The National Society Investment Alliance translates the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s commitment to localisation under the Grand Bargain into action.

For National Societies

Guidelines have been developed for those National Societies interested in applying for funding. The guidelines apply to the first round of funding and will be developed further in the light of experience and learning.

NSIA Appeal
NSIA Annual Report-2019
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